Six days and five~dedicated to my husband and my sweet sister Shelly!

In the words of Tracey Chapman, “If not now, then when?”

Six days ago I turned 50 years of age.  Now what?  My husband gave me this blog site as a birthday present “last year.”  The “now what” for starters is not to let this go another whole year without creating something that someone out there might find helpful, comforting and inspiring. Another “now what” is my sweet sister who was there in the inspiring and planning of this blog. She has always been my cheerleader!  Tears come to my eyes now as I think of all “she” thinks I can do and reminds me regularly. When my memories have become distant and dusty,  she brings them back to me as shining accomplishments to be cherished.  So this blog is dedicated to my God who is revealed to me every day in many ways, to my husband for being my cornerstone of support and my sister for being the wind beneath my wings.

I give thanks to God for my existence, and my Mom who gave birth to me and provided me with a potpourri of experiences, the good and the bad, because all of them made me the woman I am today.  This would not be complete if I did not share how amazing it has been to share this road in life with my best friend and soul sister Shoshana.

Like the autumn leaves that inspire us with their ethereal dance of leaving we too experience loss and transition in the course of our lives.  I am forever grateful and anchored by those that were not just a leaf breezing by me, but the tree with its roots planted deeply, always there for me to count on for a constant loving and life giving presence during my journey.

Living to Love and loving you always~ My Father in Heaven, my husband, my sister, my mother and my best friend.

One thought on “Six days and five~dedicated to my husband and my sweet sister Shelly!

  1. Really precious and profound–coming from a rich well of reflection. This has been a blessing, a re-ignition of the God-relationship and love to be found in my human relationships. I resonate with feeling “grateful and anchored”! Thank you for “sharing the fruits of your contemplation” (that’s a catchphrase/charge of the Dominican Order).

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