Living to Love

Living to love… Sounds beautiful, melodious, poetic, Christian and by the way, the most important commandment given to us by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

So what is love?

Being kin to nature and the forest beings I have spent hours upon hours in the peaceful paradise of the woods,  untouched lands with the only paths to follow being that of the deer or rabbits.  On one of these excursions, we being myself and my faithful companion and pup Seven, were walking along for at least two hours and this was meant to be a short, quick hike, so foolishly we had no water, no cell phone or supplies of any kind, we were far away from anywhere.  The place we chose to explore was well off the beaten path and attached to corn fields that were attached to more cornfields with an occasional separating line of wooded acreage.  You could not hear the sound of  highways or cars speeding by, it was a Sunday I remember and there we not even farmers in the fields as the corn was almost as high as me, (me being a mere 5’2″ something) and as I even recall the memory now, all you could hear was the occasional wisp of wind passing by and a constant serenade of birds.  It was at this moment that I came to the realization that we were indeed lost.

How does this relate to love? Or living to love?

It’s just this, even in the knowledge that we were lost, there was no fear.  Oh there was a fleeting second of maybe a sense of anxiety but before it could be embraced it was gone.  In the moment that would have ordinarily summoned a very different reaction, well, I found peace.  I was away from life as most of us know it and in my heart, my self, my spirit I was standing there alone, surrounded by trees and sunshine and my sweet Seven, in the Presence of what I know to be God.  There came to me a sense of freedom and so I twirled around with my arms outstretched smiling and giggling and unafraid.   I felt a undefinable sense of being safe and free.  I was aware that eventually we would need to find our way out but regardless of the heat of the day, the limited breeze, the lack of water or direction, I was never more calm and in communion with my spirit and the spirit of All that Is. Feeling very much at home with myself, Seven and a secure sense of knowing, we strolled on.  I eventually let go of all desire to find a road, for as I danced along I was confident that it would be shown to me in good time. I let Seven be in the lead which he loved for the simple fact that usually it is I who leads him with his leash.  What a treat for him!  We took the ever so slow and investigative path of Seven, stopping to carefully examine anything and everything that caught our attention. God in His Infinite creativity has been so patient and generous in the details that each leaf, tree and even fallen tree had so much to uncover that one would truly feel that they were in another world. I started noticing how happy I felt, like when I was a child and would lay in the grass of our backyard, using my dogs body as a pillow and dreaming with the huge pine tree that took up the majority of our modest yard.  And then I recalled one of the many messages given to us, “Come to me as a child.”  We are asked to become like a child, full of wonder, free, giggling and ready to take in all Our Father wants us to see.  At this exact moment I was engulfed in or by “love.”  The love of God. At this point one could say hours or more and as I shared the sun was shining brightly and it was the beginning of summer.  I was not thirsty, I was not hungry, I was not tired although I was sweaty, I had no worries, no anxiety, no fear, I had no directions to take yet I knew that I would arrive, eventually. All was good and I was with God. I began to make up little songs in adoration of Him and even at some points make up my own little words and language.  In this space and time I felt at one, in unison with my love for Our Lord and in His love for me. This was many years ago, 10 to be exact.  Yet as I sit here to reflecting on love, having had a completely different agenda, an entirely different perspective to share I am certain this what was “meant” to be shared.  As you read, you see what has come out of my heart and soul. A simple, child like state of awe, with no props or tools, not even a building or temple, just the opening of oneself to what is, without definition, without ceremony and an openness to allow it to reveal itself, His Self to me. For me this is love, the ultimate love, that when all is stripped away, and you stand alone in His creation you find yourself, your true self, and in finding self, a revealing of Him in you.  Our Father is love and we are created in His image and so we too are love.  To dance with, sing with and to be lead by this Love has been one of my greatest revelations and the core of my existence. The challenge in my life is giving myself permission to return to this love.  Remember, “be more of me and less of the world.”  I am forever in search of the opportunity to return to His love. The moral of this passage is this, “He is always there, waiting with open arms and open heart to welcome us back to His embrace.”  The space between is our inability to keep earthly matters at bay and give ourselves permission to let go of what we have no control over or what does not assist us in moving forward and run back to He who Is. I am in love with the journey I am on with Our Lord.  For without this, my life would hold no true purpose.

This is  lovingly shared with you and hopeful that it will bring you closer to your true self and His sincere love for you.

Peace be with you! Love, a forest fairie

3 thoughts on “Living to Love

  1. GONNA READ THIS AGAIN-i dig it!
    that’s the place we all want to be in-just-some of the world does not know it!
    David Gray-speaking for God: if you want it COME AND GET IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!
    the love of Jesus!
    and love the salad..
    and –if God is for me-who can be against me?!
    He leads me to green pastures and blue skies and that will be my home xoxoxo

    • In my humanness-weakness-sinfulness-incompleteness, when I read your words I felt joy-for-you, yes, but it was honestly tinged with envy:

      “I had no worries, no anxiety, no fear, I had no directions to take yet I knew that I would arrive, eventually. All was good and I was with God.”

      This union, this at-one-ment, is so healing and so reassuring–what grace! I am so thankful to you for relishing the experience, AND for sharing it so eloquently and selflessly and artfully.

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