Crickets at Moontime

I know this sound, I have heard it before,  So many summers and night times ago

Always me in the night, the wee hours of twilight, and my little fey friends, so nimble and bright

Tossing and turning, sifting and sorting, dreaming and waking in search of some shore

Everything has changed, nothing is the same anymore,

 Save the song of the little ones, amidst the dim light

A gift you see,  music orchestrated just for me and the night

They are singing,  amidst the trees, always with a warm greeting and a tune for thee

They sing of the forest and meadows of mine, a place called fairy valley, where I went all the time

In the distance the cars race and dash to get by

But for me only silence as I swim the nights sky

While its true that life is in a constant state of change,

There is you and me as there will always be

The me who is creating, my world from my dreams

And the you formed from the essence of what used to be me

And the crickets at moon time with their serenade

And my magic at night time to balance out my days~






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