A walking prayer while at the Shrine at Dusk.

My Dear Father in Heaven,

Remove my ability to speak if my words cannot be selfless and charitable,

Mame my face if it cannot cause another person to smile by looking upon it,

Cut from me, my hands and feet if they do not serve you and my family,

Let all my deeds to be in Thanksgiving to You for this life with which you have blessed me.

Help me  to always find solace, peace, hope and most importantly forgiveness at the foot of Your Beloved Cross.

Without you as my focus and beacon of light,  I would be eternally lost in this world of the soulless existence.

Lord I ask for forgiveness and plead with you to have mercy on me a selfish and desperate sinner.

I know that You have put this all  into being and have set in motion a perfect plan for me in this life.

I ask that my eyes be opened,  my lips be quieted,  my thoughts to be still so that I might know your will and desire of me.

I pray that one day I will be with You in Your home in Heaven accompanied with all those that I have known and loved, those that have passed before me and those yet to come.

Please send them to guide me, my steps and my thoughts so that one day as enter into Your Kingdom,  You’ll engulf me in Your Arms with a Fatherly Embrace and say. ” Welcome home my Daughter, my child”.

For these things I humbly and devoutly pray and with complete certainty know that the Holy Spirit has published these words from my lips and they now reside upon Your Heart until I can be there with You.

With all my love your ,

Maria Christina

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